Understanding Bedside Care

Bedside Buddy is a patient assistance service designed to provide a family with peace of mind when a loved one is hospitalized and needs a friendly, compassionate Buddy to be there for them when the family can't be.

Bedside Buddy provide a personal touch for your loved one and peace of mind for you.

A Caring Advocate
for Patients

Comfort and companionship
for your hospitalized loved one

You can be comforted knowing that your Bedside Buddy has been carefully screened to ensure that they have a caring attitude and demeanor and are trustworthy. Every Bedside Buddy undergoes a thorough background and reference check giving you the assurance that your loved one is in good hands.

  • Personal Touch
  • Professional
  • Compassionate
  • Bedside Assistance
  • Patient Advocate
  • Dependable

A Personal Presence
for loved ones

No loved one needs to be alone
during their hospital recovery

The primary responsibility of the Bedside Buddy is to observe the patient and help provide compassionate assistance. They will not administer first aid or medications, but will be there to make sure that your loved one gets the help they need. Your Buddy will also be there to provide comfort measures such as reading, talking and diversional activities. The Bedside Buddy reports directly to his/her supervisor and is available from a few hours a day up to 24/7. They are professional, punctual and dependable.


Glenna Fletcher, RN, is the founder and CEO of Bedside Buddy Inc. Former First Lady of Kentucky and a registered nurse by training, Ms. Fletcher has the skill, experience and passion to help you and your family provide your loved ones with a better quality of life during their hospital stay or long-term recovery.

"Everyone needs a Buddy. I founded Bedside Buddy because as a former hospital nurse and a daugther with aging parents, I know families often need help when a loved one is hospitalized. In today's busy world, we cannot always be there when our loved ones face extended hospital stays. Bedside Buddy provides a trusted, caring, advocate to be there for you and your family - someone to provide the personal touch that gives you peace of mind." --Glenna Fletcher

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E-mail: info@BedsideBuddy.com
Fax: (877) 496-1322